I am back.

How you’ve been?

On this side, it’s been already eight weeks at home! Each day is so different and today is the day when I am gonna share a spark of the big picture.

Shall we?

I am about to unwrap some of the magic that has immensely transformed my life filled with incredible moments of lessons of love.

But first, give me the honor.

I have postponed sharing #GenerosityonWheels stories from the road through the spectacular beauty of Europe for an unknown time. I am simply following the flow as never before by completely surrendering into the events unfolding around me, taking all the time in the world with meeting those beautiful angels who I haven’t seen for years!

And I have also pondered on a topic.. would I even want to write articles or simply put all my loving attention into meeting people and using my energy fueled with divine love into writing the upcoming book based on generosity within my five-year journey.

I am loving the thought, LIKE A LOT. I would then put my time into things I love even more.

Writing for me is a process of self-discovery, completely losing the sense of time and space. It’s when I am opening up for divine calling, entering into the world of unified consciousness for hours at end.
It’s my Surrender Experiment.

At its own perfect time, I will bring out The Story of Inspiration.

The Story where love leads the way.
The Story where we are united as one.
The Story that breaks the old paradigm.
The Story that has the power to inspire billions.

That I can promise.

Let’s move on.

Wherever I go I hear a question “What’s next?” Literally speaking, where’s life taking me?

Somewhere. A place where love is the only answer.

I have started my own Love Revolution which we all can do by loving our own hearts.

It’s you giving yourself the love you have always wanted.
It’s the love that’s always been and is there, deep within your heart.
It’s the love spreading your angel’s wings wider to fly higher as never before.

Phew, MADLY inspired by Matt Kahn here.


When you bless your own heart, with a one “I love you” at a time, you’re blessing all the hearts in the existence which gradually changes the fabric of unity consciousness.

That to me is the highest vibration of change I have always wished to be.


And while I am doing my everyday practice of cultivating love within my own heart of blessing all hearts at once with loving whatever arises, I am also hitting the road, again.

Before I got crazy occupied, a wild idea popped into my inbox in the first week of home adventures. It said, come to Alaska with me – let’s attend a photography workshop shooting northern stars! I got a huge kick out of it and thought, why not!

It was one of those offers I could NOT turn down!

So what’s clear?

I will leave Estonia on the 24th of November with an eleven-day layover in Europe – Copenhagen, and Munich – and then off to Texas, landing in Houston on the 6th of December where my dear friend Alice will pick me up.

After the workshop and short adventures of traveling with Alice, I will start the project of book writing.

[More here: http://bit.ly/2g2oSHC]

Yeah, it’s been a short two months at home spending time with family and friends but it’s been so freaking intense and it’s not even finished yet.

So much love.
So much growth.
So much sharing.

Half of the time I have crashed at my parent’s, and another half at my friends wherever I have been welcomed.

The first six weeks I got to cycle almost everywhere in this crazy northern European weather. I enjoyed it to the fullest where my best ideas and divine clarifications have kicked in while pedaling through the cold, rainy, and snowy weather.

There are NOT ENOUGH words to express my deepest GRATITUDE to all those souls who have supported my stay – the ones who’ve taken me into their homes with open hearts sharing their meals and packing me up with new levels of love.


It’s quite a trip to also experience the mystery of my unique journey in Estonia of not knowing where my next meal would come from!

AND I HAVE BEEN BEYOND BLESSED. Elsa here with a one happy Buddha tummy.

What else?

So much to cover. Magnificent!

When I arrived home I was thrown into some of the biggest challenges I have ever faced. And about this, I want to write another separate post but not today.

A spoiler.

The soulmate love.
The meeting with my parents.
The catching up with my friends.
The massive transformations over the last months and years.

It’s been all connected with BREAKING THE HABIT OF BEING MYSELF by becoming someone new. And that someone has turned out to be the true essence of my being where I was introduced to the ecstasy of my own love.


I have been invited for interviews with TV, radio, and magazines to plant more seeds of love.

Let’s wrap it up.

I am still journeying on the loving kindness of other.

It’s not because I cannot or want to work. It’s because I know my direction of creating something new with my tribe supporting me all the way through. The gifts we provide for each other are our ways of paying it forward.

I already know that I would appreciate your loving support (and maybe even food donations) in the process of contemplation and writing to bring forth the Story of Inspiration.

Continue reading when you have the desire to create more love by joining forces on this the journey into the unknown with me.

The book will tell the story of generous souls and how my overall journey of love through self-discovery fits in the picture.

It’s a project already finished in the unseen waiting to be manifested in the seen.

No detailed plan, just surrendering to the process of writing where my foundation stays the same – the story of generous souls will be brought to you with the massive divine support of those same souls who are givers of light.

My first stop will be Texas where Alice takes me under her angel wings with her loving support.

My second stop will probably be Europe – Copenhagen or Munich where I have host families with an invitation to dive deeper into the writing.

When my maximum stay of three months in the USA is over and the writing is still an ongoing process – which is highly possible – then you have the privilege to pack me up with quality nutrition while already fueling my soul with a heart-to-heart loving connection.

You can be my…

One day.
One week.
One month.

..food package!

Your love donation would be paid forward by creating more love.

And you would also be one of the first ones to receive the book you have helped to write.

True, I have a publisher who’s not yet confirmed in this 3D reality.

My goal is to put my full attention into writing, being highly focused on why I am even doing what I am doing. I believe whole-heartedly that the event of publishing the book will find me – it’s the power of picking up an option from the parallel universe in the fifth dimensional reality – and I have seen it happen in my visions packed with surprises one after another.

When this is something that speaks to your heart and soul then shoot me a message to jump onboard.

With or without my project I invite you to join The Love Revolution.

Love and Light to all hearts,