Hi Love!

I don’t know who I am.
I have been many things.
I guess, after a while I have landed here.

I (just) am.

Love is my language.

Once, I learned to hate.
But now, I am learning to love.
Everything, everyone and nothing.

Life has it’s ways.
I have tasted the dirt.
I have flown in the space.
I have and have not liked life’s ways.
But here’s a question, would I change anything? Fuck no.

I am who I am, thanks to all.
I am grateful to be alive.

Breath is my ecstasy.
Honesty is my compass.
Transparency is my vulnerability.
The Art of Communication is my expression.
And loving love is my ultimate surrender experiment.

I am (that) love.

My Truth is this, loving me is loving you.

While making love with reality…

…I am currently writing a book,
LOVE OR FEAR, The Story of Inspiration.
Everything is wrapped into Lessons of Love.
Generous Soul are the Face of Hope on my heart-centered path.

The process like anything else is a complete unknown.

I know nothing what’s coming.
Life does. Love does.
So I bow to life.
I bow to love.

Time has come to become the Hero of my own journey.

In the world of endless questions,
love is the only answer.

by Matt Kahn