Elsa Saks is a fearless nomad and a voice for orphans who lives an adventurous lifestyle led by spirit and sponsored by generous souls with the hope of making a lasting change in the evolution of consciousness through the power of love.

She has been on the road less traveled since December 2011 when she left Estonia with her 75-liter backpack, not knowing what laid ahead. Two and half years later, after her Australian and some wild Asian adventures, she embarked on a journey that literally changed her life, forever. In March 2014 she traveled further into the unknown by adopting moneyless travel and using gratitude as her only currency. She didn’t know where or when her next meal would come, where she would sleep or who she would meet. Her plan was simple – to follow the flow of life, lose worry and fear, and let love lead the way. Since then she has ventured into the unknown with faith and trust as her guides, first as a backpacker and then on a bicycle. She puts her faith in love and strongly believes that all her basic needs will be miraculously met by the environment and people around her, even in places where she doesn’t speak the language. People she has crossed paths with have become the face of hope for humanity. She calls them Generous Souls who are the proof that love always wins. She shares her stories with people she meets with a pure wish to empower others on their journey of growth so they can also be inspired to take the path into the heart of surrender by making love-based decisions in their life.

In the meantime, she continues learning her own lessons of love and fear in this magical world of wonders.

She believes that living in a heart-centered consciousness is the key to create heaven on earth.

In the world of endless questions,
love is the only answer.

by Matt Kahn