Generosity on Wheels

A cycling journey through the wild plains of Central America with the primary aim to be the voice for vulnerable children in Panama and Latin America.

Grab a tea and sit in your sofa to enjoy the short video clip.

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Two Jobs

My days are unexpected but very simple, indeed. I work on two jobs. As a cleaner, my paid-side job, already for a full month shaping up my skills to become the next great broom master by sweeping the floors with elegance and dusting boutique surfaces with grace. And...

The Gifts of the Dark

Over the years I have shared countless stories, and today’s story is going to be surprisingly different from anything I have ever shared. I already kicked the door open with my last article. This share brings out the interconnection between some of the most important...

A Prayer

Its been almost three months since I wrote the last article which feels lightyears right now. So what happened? Life unfolded in the present moment and I literally had to surrender. And so I did, I surrendered. I could not NOT. The wave of transformation hit me so...