Generosity on Wheels

A cycling journey through the wild plains of Central America with the primary aim to be the voice for vulnerable children in Panama and Latin America.

Grab a tea and sit in your sofa to enjoy the short video clip.
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The Friendship

Twenty-four years of friendship. “A lot of friendships slip into being. They grow invisibly through groups and laughs and weekends. But some friendships come from a moment.” by Jedidiah Jenkins I remember the day I met Liisa. It was 1st of September 1993,...

The Book

I have committed into writing a book. Yeah, me, a girl whose literature teacher once said that I am terrible at writing anything. Well looks like I turned out better than anyone could’ve ever expected. Gifted beyond understanding. I don’t see myself as a...

The Crossings

“Elsa, how do you cross the ocean?” The answer is simple – people like you have became my sponsors! I have’ve done two major ocean crossing since March twenty-fourteen, Asia to South-America and America to Europe. The first country I entered...
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