I graciously acknowledge these companies, amazing individuals, organizations, groups, and supporters who helped #GenerosityonWheels and #EmbajadordeEsperanza innumerable ways.

THANK YOU for your support in my nomadic life full of giving and receiving!

My PROUD SPONSORS whose gear got me through Central America, Mexico, parts of the United States and Europe back home to Estonia, from June 2015 to September 2016.

I am deeply and madly grateful for all the individual who have helped me to walk the path of change. This journey would never be the same without your tremendous love and support that has kept me and will continue keeping me safe wherever I go.

To those who have provided much guidance, friendship, and inspiration since the beginning:

Liisa Tasa, Estelle Lacour, Mari Paurson, Travis Crozier, Aivar Võimre.

To those who have been my angels on those challenging times:

Luis Villegas, Mari Allese, Merit Lõokene, Sara Larrington.

To those incredible guardian angels who have been supportive beyond words:

Brittany and Dave DeVries, Yvonne and Kirk Jones, Simone Maduro, Dany Morales, Luis Esquivel, Alice Gardiner, Kim Coley, James Compton, Crawford Rhodes, Liz Pena.

To those generous souls whose love donation got me wings from the America to Europe:

Family Z’Cruz, Alice Gardiner, Jo Nan Carr, Sam Deer, Kimberly Coley, James Compton, Eleanor Kuser, Elia Caballero, Liza Linder, David Barcelona, Jan Young, Liisa Tasa, Mihkel Kiviberg, and Wise Women in Sun City TX [Georgetown].

To the organizations and companies that showed their support:

Magnolia Inn, Luna’s Castle, CycleWerx Georgetown.

To the dearest of all who are my biggest teachers in this lifetime:

My mom Sirje Saks, my grandmom Juta Marus.