CHOICE is a high quality option at any given moment based on what feels good to one’s heart, no matter what others might feel, think, say or do.

DECISION is a worry based option at any given moment where one makes a choice based on what others might feel, think, say or do.

That’s my current landing.

Before traveling, ninety percent of my actions/responses were based on decisions.

While traveling, the percentage dropped to fifty-fifty.

After traveling and heart-wrenching breakups, a shift took place—my heart became my number one focus.

I still make decisions but gradually I have come to love, honor and respect myself to say, enough is enough.

Here’s a fraction of what I have been gifted to ponder on.

Why do I put someone else’s innocence first? How come their heart—their responses to my responses—are always first in line?

Why do I make the world more important than my innocence?

Why do I make jobs more important than my innocence?

Why do I make lovers and relationships more important than my innocence?

Why do I make spiritual attainment and status more important than my innocence?

Aren’t we keeping ourselves creatively locked by making choices based on how the lives of others might change when we make a strong move in our life?

Isn’t it time to love ourselves enough to say, no more?

Isn’t it showing that by not respecting myself I turn away from my innocence?

Isn’t it saying to my innocence, “You’re not worthy of my love. She/he/it is more important to me than you!”

And that’s when the shadow grows its wings of darkness.

We turn away from ourselves. We abandon ourselves. And in the vibrational world, we’re just numbing our emotions with a temporary fix because we’re afraid to act courageously.

What about you—do you put yourself first?

Do you make your heart the object of your affection?

For me, I fall from grace but I rise up stronger, and from experiences, I have learned—my heart is not a home for drifting shadows where anyone can come around and take a piece of my innocence and leave me behind.

Our gifts to others are us treating ourselves better—with love and respect—no matter if our own or someone else’s life flips upside down because we make a golden choice on our path.

Let’s become greater through difficulties!