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Aloha Love!

I am not sure who I am.
I have been many things.
I guess, after a while I have landed here.

I (just) am.

Love is my language.

Once, I learned to hate.
But now, I am learning to love again.
Everything, everyone and nothing in it’s totality.

Life has it’s ways.
I have tasted the dirt.
I have flown in space.
On and off, again and again, I still do.
Honestly, I have and have not liked life’s ways.
But here’s a question – would I change anything? Fuck no.

I am who I think am, thanks to all.
I am grateful to be alive.

Feeling is healing.
Breath is my ecstasy.
Honesty is my compass.
Transparency is my vulnerability.
The Art of Communication is my expression.
And loving love is my ultimate surrender experiment.

I am (that) love.

Currently, I am making love with writing.
Stories, they don’t define us, they empower us.

We all have stories to tell, either lived or unlived, each and every one holding the fragrance of its own immaculate beauty.

Its time to speak up. Do language (verbal or non-verbal, who cares). Speak your truth. Stand tall and stay open. That’s how I heal. How civilizations heal.

Oh, and here’s something golden I know in the not knowing – I ALREADY AM AND HAVE BECOME WHAT I AM BECOMING.

I am the Hero of my own life’s story.

No matter if I believe it, I am it.
No matter if I know it, I am it.
No matter if I feel it, I am it.

On that road of self-love, with each breath, I ground myself in the insurance of the soul – understanding doesn’t get me where I need to be, faith does.

And on that road of mastery…


I let love do what needs to be done.

But what about you? Do you let love (or call it life) do what needs to be done?

Hit me with your story—short or long, rusty or clear—do it. Scroll down and you’ll find my contacts there. Sharing is caring.

in the world of endless questions,
love is the only answer.

by Matt Kahn


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