Generosity on Wheels

A cycling journey through the wild plains of Central America with the primary aim to be the voice for vulnerable children in Panama and Latin America.

World nomad, Elsa Saks, become an Ambassador of Hope for the nonprofit Hope for the Nations. She is one of the creators of an initiative #EmbajadordeEsperanza were we invite individuals and businesses to become Ambassadors of Hope, to raise awareness and bring hope to Panama’s and Latin Americas orphaned and vulnerable children.


  1. As Hope for the Nation, Ambassador of Hope Elsa started an initiative #EmbajadordeEsperanza which aims to raise public awareness around supporting families, fostering, adoption and group homes in Panama to get safe and loving homes for children living in institutions;
  2. Living and promoting sustainable lifestyle;
  3. Showing that we can trust the world around us and count on the beautiful support of people we meet along the way by having Gratitude as my only currency on the road;

On The Road Less Travelled I Will Be

  • Cycling one mile at a time to end institutionalization and raise awareness around #EmbajadordeEsperanza;
  • Visiting many organizations and nonprofits to learn what they are doing to better the situation;
  • Empowering women by travelling alone to show that it can be done safely;
  • Using only human-powered transport (bicycle);
  • Living off the grid (solar energy);
  • Living and promoting eco-friendly, sustainable and healthy lifestyle;
  • Relying on the Mother Nature and for the goodwill of people for food and water, and camping;
  • Using Gratitude as my only currency (no money involved);
  • Helping people in return and to the best of my abilities;
  • Open for public speakings!

Why me?

  • I have dedicated my life to help people in need and bring awareness around issues that effect our world;
  • I was an orphan myself for the first 7 years of my life. Therefor I know from my own experience how much be need parental care to achieve the impossible;
  • I know that through challenges we grow and become greater!
  • I love travelling, and bicycle is the best balance for a human powered transport;
  • I love nature and stay fit. The bicycle would give me quicker legs, fresh air, and an opportunity to see beautiful parts of the world and live a sustainable lifestyle;

The Route

Starting Point: Panama City, Panama
Starting Date: May 2015
Finishing Point: One of the many Mexico / U.S. border crossings
Duration: 4 months
Trip Distance: ~6500 km
Pace: ~15 km/h

Cycling through: Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico

If you are in Panama City then you can support my journey with the various items I am still missing on the road to get those wheels moving latest at 8th of June 2015. Maybe you – your friends, relatives – have something you no longer use or need that’s collecting dust, and you’d be happy to support my next adventure with something.

Pledge whatever your heart can give, there is nothing too small to make a difference.

It would be wonderful to take this journey together on behalf of the children.

Help me, be their voice!

And join, share, speak up with me.

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Necessary Things



My primary objective with the project Generosity on Wheels is to enrich and better the lives of vulnerable children who are at risk in Panama and Central America.

Children at Risk Becoming Children of Change

With Hope for the Nations area director Brittany DeVries I started a campaign #EmbajadordeEsperanza

#EmbajadordeEsperanza (#AmbassadorofHope) is a newly created initiative aiming to raise public awareness around foster and adoptive care in Panama to minimize the number of orphans living in institutions. We want to spread the word in local communities inviting potential families to take action by considering fostering or adopting a child.

Right now in Panama there are approximately 3000 children living in 50 institutions. These children are vulnerable to physical and sexual violence; many of them will “age out” at the age of 18 without a place to call home and a support network to ensure their success.

Our goal is to decrease the number of children living in institutional care dramatically in the next 5 years by supporting what is known as “best practice.”

Changing the World One Child at a Time

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Traveller – Elsa Saks

Elsa, 29, is a World traveler from Estonia who has traveled through many beautiful parts of the World – Australia, 6 countries in Asia and 5 countries in South America.

Before she embarked on the road less traveled she was making a career in IT.

Over time, she decided to step into the unknown to see what the World had to offer. She was extremely excited to discover her adventurous spirit that was longing to get out.

These journey have opened her eyes and given her new perspectives in life. Getting to know different cultures is helping her to understand peoples behaviors around the world and help communities improve their outcomes to generations to come.

She is a true believer that fear is an illusion and a barrier between many to live fulfilling lives. We are all ONE and magnificent human beings.

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