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Generosity on Wheels

A cycling journey through the wild plains of Central America with the primary aim to be a voice for orphans.

Grab a tea and sit in your sofa to enjoy the short video clip.

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Choices vs Decisions

CHOICE is a high quality option at any given moment based on what feels good to one’s heart, no matter what others might feel, think, say or do. DECISION is a worry based option at any given moment where one makes a choice based on what others might feel, think, say...

The Scholarship

I braved up when days ago I entered to win a 14-day travel writing trip to Argentina! NOTE: You can enter too, it closes on the 28th of February 2018. The 2'500 character / 463-word story I wrote got named The Hunger. It's published on World Nomad contest website and...

Roosiku Südames

Aloha, I hope you've soft-landed into new beginnings with openness ever present. I have, with a heart of a warrior. Not liking it but drinking it while knowing it - I have to open up when it doesn't feel safe in order for safety to be discovered. SIDENOTE: I am active...



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